The Crystal Stream: Poems

Sarah Purser The sad girl 1923

My first anthology of poetry is now available to purchase on Amazon! Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it on-demand for free.


The Crystal Stream: Poems is a curated collection of 25 of my poems written over the course of a year or so, exploring a variety of forms, structures, and themes.

I had wanted to put together a collage of work in a single volume for awhile but didn’t feel like I had enough material for it to be considered a standalone collection. After some months of on and off writing, research, and most important of all, thinking, I finally felt as if I had enough material to compile into a standalone book of around 50 pages or 25 poems. Considering I essentially started from scratch, both in terms of writing poetry and learning the “bells and whistles” one needs to have in order before independent publishing, I’m glad I’ve managed to stick with it and that I have something to show for all those months of intermediary work.

A lot of the poems contained within the collection have been well-received by the wonderful folks at AllPoetry, of which I have only recently been contributing to since ~November 2021. View my stuff on AllPoetry. I can highly recommend this site for aspiring and even established poets as there is a highly active and encouraging community behind it as well as a multitude of resources available to everyone.

If you would like to purchase a Kindle or Paperback version of The Crystal Stream: Poems and support my current and future writing endeavours you can find the Amazon link below (you may have to switch the Amazon region depending on whereabouts in the world you are), however, most if not all the poems in the collection can be found right here on my site in the Poetry section for free.

I may be taking a short break from poetry for the time being to focus on some more story-based narrative projects I have begun working on so keep an eye out for new developments and consider following through the site or preferred medium of your choice, some examples found here.

Cover Pic: The Sad Girl by Sarah Purser c. 1923

Find it on Amazon:

Now available in Kindle and Paperback format

More Poetry…


Sprinkling down side edge of mug, white droplets crystal twunkle in morning sun…


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