These Eyes of Mine Will Age

These Eyes of Mine Will Age

Tell me your secret voice of the past
you who have lived and died on these pages
your old lettering fade and grey-winked
whispers across the crescendo of ages

Of agony and hardship of meaning and purpose
celestial murmurs born from stardust

Witness echoes that dance along the ether lost
patient castaways waiting to be heard
bittersweet this knowledge comes at a cost
an end to simple pleasures for the learned

Melancholy lived-in ink never its luster died
upon each turn a fade to the luster of my eyes

Feeted crows fetter ever stiller in etches
pronouncing the arrival of years’ insight
and my words they too wrinkled
they too will join this antiquity dance in flight

I know it full well as I turn over each page
that these eyes of mine will age

Giuseppe Gillespie – December 2022

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