Édouard Manet (attributed to) - The Execution

Hobbled hob-nobs hobbling on home 
a tee-totaler timing trains 
that strained schedules are never gotten.

Whinging into a wristwatch whisked 
on wrist, 
tock-ticking time twisted 
sands shifting, 
insisting on an abrupt hushed ‘whisht!’.

Seething steel screams from seam-
beams to begird, 
deafeningly darting down his devilry 
in tongues’ brevity, 
folded heavenly and dog-eared.

Bullfinches bristled in a bric-a-brac buzzing 
chirp for nothing, 
the riff-raff riffling and ruche-rousing 
some cut-throat mouthing, 
footsteps doused ‘neath steel trussing.

Fortune face-filled with festered fury 
for a jury that stole time, 
over obdurate ovals of omen origin - 
a limbo for the puritan, 
left naked without reason or rime.

Heuristic hourglass held in helve 
only to delve, 
life’s linger in rambling wander 
never anytime to ponder, 
somewhere off yonder a bell ring signals twelve.

Giuseppe Gillespie – January 2022

Cover Pic: Édouard Manet (follower of/attributed to), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, found here

*Notes on Chaotic “Forked” Structure (I call it forked as the stanzas look like oddly pronged forks)

Line 1: Most words start with same letter

Line 2: Short rhyme/similar sound with either half of 1st line (keep note of last word, line 5 will rhyme it)

Line 3: Most words start with same letter/similar sound, can rhyme with l2 or not

Line 4: Short rhyme with either half of l3

Line 5: Similar sound/rhyme first with l4 then l2

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