Hectic Holiday Season

Christmas Still Life by Eloise Harriet Stannard (1886)
Hectic Holiday Season

Trinkets and baubles and pudding-stuffed dawdles, 
The hectic holiday season dawns upon us.
Where the days grow dark and the nights cold, 
Sharp prickled tree bristle clutters the abode.
Adorned in tinsel and electro-light shimmer, 
Angels and stars over shone in their glimmer.

The tot, forgot the year a blasphemer; 
Now marks morning on chocolate-covered calendar.
Mams and grans how they fret, 
For they’ve to get the house in order yet.
To accommodate fair-weather relatives, 
The family visits to mask severances.

The hustle and bustle of high-street rustling, 
Shuffling, jotted snot-nosed snuffling.
Snow-white shoppers dread dwarf-like coffers, 
Kept eyes peeled for piecemealed offers.
Presents snatched in tuck-sorted sacks, 
Hastily scribbled names stuck on their backs.

Popped crackers and cheese-plate platters, 
Malice-filled ladles from which gravy splatters.
Over roasted chicken and pig that weep in their baste, 
Cold turkeys unbought oft go to waste.
A wintery rat-race ran by perjury, 
Our Penance spent in gift-wrapped purgatory.

Giuseppe Gillespie – December 2021

Cover Pic: Christmas Still Life by Eloise Harriet Stannard 1886

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