Broken Leaf (Here’s to You)

Broken Leaf (Here's to you)

A blooming petal blows past broken leaf gently, 
Like a sweet fragrance on warm summer wind.

Lingering sleeve-stuck scent from embraced gratuity, 
Gifted parting words squared away in caramel linen.

While we’re here in this moment the whole world is turning, 
A spiral-like tango I never was very good at.

Overture hanging just out of reach; 
Footsteps dance on down the stage fright, 
Fumbling and blustered in their movement.

Crescendo easing into slumber;
Brittle bonds break, 
As our time fades to sepia tinted snapshots of memory.

A moment in time is all that remains; 
Soon its ink will fade, 
dying out like the fragile timbre of plucked string.

So here’s to you true, 
free spirit from land unbound in victory.

Always carry a radiant warmth on furtive whim; 
An amiable mile for crescent smile will forever rest, 
Interlaced in our short-lived arabesque.

Giuseppe Gillespie – December 2021

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