On Fauvism

Henri Matisse, Goldfish (1912)
On Fauvism

Oh the sea greens and iridescent blues, 
Bleach-blended hues in patches construes.

A giraffe in negative against rules normative, 
Oddly shaven zebras aren’t very proportionate.

Purple-limes and yellow-oranges, 
The citrus, the fruit, the colourings.

lions and tigresses don multi-coloured irises, 
Perched licking through strawberry-flavoured surfaces.

Against violet-tinted wheat fields in winter, 
These wild beasts roam thither.

Frill balanced fruit platter on hat- no wait, it could be a cat, 
Nothing but a woman’s scorn leering back.

Pear-shaped lemons dance outside the dinnerplate, 
The goldfish keep forgetting their lily pad mandate.

Jungle men, parading waddling hens, 
Behind teal storks' imitated crane bends.

A free-form perspective, elephants barking at the moon, 
All residing outside the artist’s palette-scraped spoon.

Giuseppe Gillespie – October 2021

Cover Pic: Woman with a Hat by Henri Matisse 1905

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