Triplet trellis’ crested triple
Climb clambering to clemency.

Sparingly simpered praise-sonnets
Prompt-perching seraphs prurient.

Rooted right-quartered ruse
Query quickly regarding quorum.

Bluff-bluster flung below
Frantic frazzle-bruising frontage.

Zipped zephyr longing zing
Liquid lissom zenith lustre.

Yellowhammer yearling grandiloquent yonder
Graceful gait yearning gamesmanship.

Giuseppe Gillespie – September 2021

*Notes On Structure

I wanted to try and create meaning out of nonsense and so made an arbitrary decision to construct each line using three words starting with the same letter and one with another, in a sequence of:


Where X represents the first letter and Y represents the second. And then flip the structure on the next line:


For example:

Triplet Trellis’ Crested Triple

Climb Clambering To Clemency

Here, X = T and Y = C, so we get TTCT then CCTC. I picked the letters at random throughout the poem. Not too complicated by itself but creates an interesting blend versus abstract and meaning.

If no similar poetic form exists I’d suggest naming it the “Letter-Flip” form.

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