No Reason

Rest herein you Godwin village never again 
evermore can we see what lies in the wind but wait 
she’s speaking in our ears again lower up the volume to see 
clearly but something in the way the movement is off and all I can see now is snow
battling with the drops of static while buzzing on screen fix antennae reception 
bent the other way we’re beaming out sides that don’t meet at an aperture allowing
snow to escape this hell it calls home static will be lonely quick cover it with hands before
you breathe in waves and catch a cold that loosens grip on reality so colourful pictures 
can continue slowly moving their mouths getting words through ambient
occlusions that separate momentarily to the ground a small square
blanket stitched panelling covering mildewed food stains
dragged from upstairs where black cords hang but
never again village Godwin you herein rest.

Giuseppe Gillespie – August 2021

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