The Schütteling Bee

Stumbling through summer morning with some heavy bumble,
The honeybee collects her fee for bevy humble.

Between shades of brown, green, ivory,
Flowers and petals her in-between glossary.

Past sapling, seedling, and shrubbed timber,
Weaving through creeper climber with trudged skitter.

On hurried wings, with body welded amber onyx,
Buzzing monotonous buzz sound that’s over atonic.

Seeking out her pretty penny in ambrosial pollen,
Nimbly performs her niche nature in parochial attolent.

One among many a worker on daily mission bringing home,
A dusty prize that swells up eyes, rest laid on lime hanging bole.

Weight of our wild world on wilful little shoulders’,
Pallid grey and death decay, if not for stippled labours.

So be kind; hark ye! To the small honeybee,
And take care when you haul shrubbery!

Giuseppe Gillespie – August 2021

*** Note ***

A schuttelreim or “Shaky Rhyme” is a German poetic form using couplets (pairs of lines) where the first letters of the last two words are flipped into new words e.g. ‘small honeybee’ would flip to something like ‘haul shrubbery’. The title of the poem is based on the name of this form.

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