Tick Tock, Tick Tock Sounding

Photo by Maria Isabella Bernotti on Pexels.com
Tick tock, tick tock sounding
the wall-bound clock’s a ‘rounding
reminding me of time’s old pedigree
of ancient dead kings’ and queens’ crowning.

Many a ruler yet none a master,
the youth they’ll cry, “We want it all faster”
The old they lament for all of time were spent
for a wasted visage, the proud detriment.

For the leafy green rising up in spring
borrowed time afforded to their zing
at the end of the day is taken away
sequestrated for a debt, forced to pay.

Time for all of Earth’s creatures
to which they owe their features
the gift of life once done they must
acquiesce for the return to dust.

Giuseppe Gillespie – June 2021

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