Poetry Competition 14/04/2023: Cityscapes Results

14th - 30th of April 2023
Free Entry
16-Line Minimum
$10 Prize
Pre-Writes Allowed

Poetry Competition: Cityscapes Results

Thanks for all of your submissions to the Cityscapes poetry competition.

We had a few interesting entries, London was a popular city in the submissions as well as New York (we received around four different poems about New York alone🗽).

On to the finalists:

1: Moonshine and Beignets by vampedvixen

The winner of the competition has generously decided to donate the $10 prize to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit dedicated to providing housing for families. Find out more about NOAHH here

*The star of the competition, Moonshine and Beignets perfectly captures the theme that we were looking for. The author captures a slice of New Orleans culture with references to the food, geography, and vibe and presents it in a way that makes me want to hop on a plane to check it out for myself and learn more.

2: Panorama Of Kaleidoscopic Hues by randomhomosapiens

*A colourful and energetic poem about the sights and serenity of port Papeete, Tahiti, an island in French Polynesia. Bursting with vivid imagery and an aptly playful use of language, you can’t help but read it with a smile and a longing to visit.

3: Newcastle upon Tyne Blues by Brian T Duffield

*An interesting read that paints the riverside city of Newcastle in a curious gothic light. We breeze through the city like those Northeasterly winds with hints to its landmarks and river sights.

And also be sure to check out our honorable mentions:

Road to Pavia by RolinSton
Willoughby Spit by Someday Man
my island home by Lani Kdah

Competition Details

Here’s an interesting competition for all patrons of travelling the world and seeing its different cultures.

Write/submit a poem based on a city you have visited capturing its history, architecture, and scenery in verse. You could base it on the sights you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, or the experiences you’ve had on your visit.

After a recent bout of city-hopping I’m eager to hear about new potential places to visit around the world. Bring your home/favorite city to life through the use of its unique imagery and your own poetic flair.


  • The name of the poem must be the city it’s about (Pre-Writes must include the city name in the author notes)
  • Minimum line count of 16 – we’re not looking for matchbox poems or something you’d find in a fortune cookie
  • Poems submitted must have a consistent structure. Paragraphs and esoteric, avant-garde forms won’t be accepted
  • Double-check spelling, punctuation, and grammar before submitting. It doesn’t have to be perfect; however, we appreciate neat writing as it’s more enjoyable to read
  • One entry per person

We are ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS UNTIL THE 30th of April 2023 or until a certain number of valid submissions are met. We aim to have the contest judged within a week of the closing date.

Entry is free and the winner will receive the prize and a feature on the website.

*Submissions handled through Allpoetry

**Prize paid out via PayPal or Revolut

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