Poetry Competition 20/07/2022: Darkness Into Light RESULTS

Poetry Competition Results: Darkness Into Light

Free Entry
Ended 20th July 2022

Max 30 Lines
Prewritten Poems Ok

Competition Results

Thanks to all who entered the Darkness into Light poetry competition! We received many poems and uplifting/inspiring pieces over the two-week duration of the competition. I encourage you to view all the submissions over at AllPoetry

Congratulations to the winners: Matt Jameson (Spiritual Journey), Lea Way (Satisfaction), and Zahh (The Butterfly Hug)

All entrants should take pride in the thought that someone, somewhere out there may stumble upon this collection of uplifting and thoughtful body of work and have their day brightened, so from me to all of you: Thank ye kindly😊

Winning Entries & Honourable Mentions

Spiritual Journey by Matt Jameson

~From the get go the poem immediately hooks the reader in and sets a dark, brooding tone,
like a ship out at sea in the eye of a storm. The use of repetition in “Out of” phrases conveys a sense of movement, a journey through this storm that the poet masterfully guides us along, with glimpses of hope shining through at the end of each stanza until the final push out of “hopeless damn misery,” breaking through the tides with the affirmation that: “you’re the captain of your own ship”. A though-provoking piece and well-deserved gold place.

Satisfaction by Lea Way

~Satisfaction from Lea Way tells a simple story after an eventful day. I liked the skillful references between dampness and warmth used throughout. By the end, the poem captures the feeling of being somewhere familiar, somewhere there is a sense of belonging: Home.

The Butterfly Hug by Zahh

~A nice soothing piece that encompasses the act of replacing the turbulent with the serene. The stilling of a mind in motion is a tough act to hone, but alas, “in the garden worries are gone.”

Honourable Mentions

Competition Details

Shine a light on a stranger’s troubles by writing an inspirational poem with a theme of overcoming difficulty.

You never know what another person could be going through and you never know the impact a kind word or relatable situation could have in helping them to cope with or view their problems in a different light.

The goal of this competition is to create/bring to light a range of work for others who may be going through difficult times and to provide all with a positive message.

Entries may contain ‘adult‘ themes but should not be expletive – if writing about serious issues such as addiction, mental health, or trauma, ensure that a level of abstraction is applied and that the focus isn’t on the issues themselves, but rather positive ways to cope or overcome them.

Entries will be judged primarily on their:

  • Positive message
  • Perspective
  • Eloquence in delivery
  • Flow


  • 1 entry per person
  • Max 30 lines
  • No swearing, curse words, or slang
  • Entries should have appropriate formatting and double-checked for spelling/grammar
  • Entries should relate to the theme. Any entries that don’t will be removed
  • Winners will be contacted for permission to share their work on our site and socials

I am ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS UNTIL THE 20th of July 2022 or until a certain number of valid submissions are met. I aim to have the contest judged within a week of the closing date.

*Submissions done through AllPoetry

Be sure to follow me below to stay up to date on current and future contests:


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