Poetry Competition 29/05/2022: Weirdly, Oddly, Unlucky RESULTS

Poetry Competition: Weirdly, Oddly, Unlucky RESULTS

Free Entry
Ended 16th June 2022

Cash Prizes
No Pre-Writes

Competition Results

Thanks to all who entered the Weirdly, Oddly, Unlucky, Poetry contest (Even those whose works I had to remove as they didn’t meet the requirements!)
It seems the three ; proved difficult for a lot of entries (exactly as it was intended)

Congratulations to the winners: Aseemtalwar185, ShyAway, and Aleme Gammo and Honourable Mentions: Isabella Smarro (Drowning Within An Ocean of Poetic Nonsense During COVID Season), Richard Levy (The Deadline), and Onyinyechukwu (A Bad Day)

A breakdown of winning entries:

An Unlucky Introvert’s Day Out – Aseemtalwar185

Being an introvert is not easy!
Especially, when you cross the deadline;
to finish the task on which you are working.
And you're on a train,
with your side passenger as a baby;
who wouldn't stop his shouting and crying.
I sit still and stationary-
unable to work or speak,
then I look at the platform display board;
just to notice that my station
has already been missed!
Puzzled and annoyed is my brain.
I wish I could start my day again!

~ My favourite from the competition. The poet establishes a scenario that goes from bad to worse in a series of unfortunate events(no copyright infringement intended, Lemony Snickett fight me) that hit one after another. It’s a short yet concise poem that culminates in an assent that I’m sure most of us have wished at one point or another: “I wish I could start my day again!”

Meltdown – ShyAway

a steaming cup of sugary coffee;
dropped like a cannonball
spread on my Toshiba laptop
similar to the excessive consumption of dark chocolate
but in liquid form

panic arises like a blocked toilet;
ten rolls of tissues
parents fly off the handle
went into crying mode-
snot running like a broken faucet;
hid in my blanket like a cave goblin
prayed the night away
a suit of armor for the next day.

~ I liked this one for its focus and relatability in relation to what I was looking for with the contest. It details a minor incident in and of itself that leads to a further sequence of events filled with parental scolding (remember the days), snot, and sleeping it off. It’s an easy-to-read poem that captures a feeling of panic very well and ends with an interesting thought.

It was seemed like a conspiracy – Aleme Gammo

Waiting someone to enter in to your poetry tournament-
Longer days you have naught or a participant;
Seems all conspired on you not to fulfill at least three_
To the minimum medal list entries, I think you got me;

As the second participant of your contest, here I am-
I were who, who lost many times entries and was in shame -
While I prepare write about me competitions for fame ;

They would believe that as I couldn’t the right one to handle
For my reputation they might said me that He can’t hold a candle
To be mentioned or appreciated like others for my confine
I thought most of them were Green with envy of mine!!!

Oh, these friends won’t say anything still now for my questions
And I need not to fly off the handle for their abominations.

~ I liked this poem for its self commentary in the first half. It was entered into the contest when there were only 2 or 3 entries and poked fun at the irony in having so few entries in a competition of this name and then relates that to some perceptions the poet has faced themselves.

Competition Details

I had an idea for a bit of an unorthodox poetry competition.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? Where it seems that the entire world has conspired against you? One of those days where you spill your coffee, stub your toe, bite your tongue, get asked to work late, and have your plans cancelled?

Well here’s your chance to let it all out in a weirdly, oddly, unlucky poetry competition. Put your unluckiest moment(s) into verse according to the oddly set rules below.

Entry is free and winners will receive a cash prize and a feature on the website. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place – $15
  • 2nd Place – $10
  • 3rd Place – $5


  • 13 lines Exactly
  • The Poem must use exactly three “;”
  • The Poem must feature a “-” at the end of at least one line
  • The Poem must include at least one of these Dead Metaphors:
    • “Can’t hold a candle”
    • “Green with envy”
    • “Deadline”
    • “Brand New”
    • “Fly off the handle”
  • One submission per person

Note: The focus will be more on sound (rhyme/alliteration) and expression rather than technical skill or how well you use a thesaurus.

I am ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS UNTIL THE 16th of June 2022 or until a certain number of valid submissions are met. I aim to have the contest judged within a week of the closing date.

*Submissions done through AllPoetry.

Be sure to follow me below to stay up to date.


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