Poetry Competition 20/05/2022: A Night Out on the Town RESULTS


Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and congratulations to poets Midnight Vision, Sonia3902z, and Kh Ventura for their winning entries!


Winning Poems

1st Place “Misty Avenue” by Midnight Vision

Misty Avenue

Droplets hugging a window pane on the outer shell,
inside steaming from peppermint coffee steaming up,
two hands clasp the ring upturning the edge of pursed lips,
breaking from a sweater cocoon to sip from the warm glass.

Scarves flair and flaunt under bunkers of salmon beanies,
their stripes are an art box of a subdued portrait’s palette,
balancing a rhubarb shade with a coconut swirl dabbing,
under a pile of silk sewn black hair to complete a snapshot.

Streetlamps light in a bubble bouncing off mist to shine,
glowing off a drummers bucket sweating for a spare buck,
mixing with the dew of the midnight hike with a rhythm line,
strikes of a sticks shadow strafing in a wet bounce.

Wrinkled hands grip, fingers dance with lemon polish,
grizzled husbands giggle in the open as they tread,
wives with sparkling glances lay backs of hands on cheeks,
hoodies that smell of sweet cologne and fruit laced perfume.

Sitting under an umbrella swiping a phone,
my focus shifts above the screen that drains my head,
blinking between the paintings in act before me,
craving the day I’m a brush in their flow.

*A combination of vivid imagery, mystique, and an impactful ending propels “Misty Avenue” to the top of my favourites from this competition.

2nd Place “Space Polka” by Sonia3902z

Space Polka

We heard there was a dance
at the Planet Pulaski this Saturday night,
called for a space cab with delight.

The domed community center was hopping,
Stanislaus Brodsky Band played a fast polka
Martians pranced across the floor drinking mocha.

Flying lizards from Planet Lizardo flapped their wings,
in time to the  accordian, concertina and guitar,
Olga a local Pulaskian belted a song about a star. 

Time for my sweetie and I to join in the fun,
dipping and turning on the shiny glass floor,
all watched as we did the ethnic dance galore.

A one-eyed Wallorian from the Planet Wallo,
cut right in and grabbed my  human arm,
smiling broadly without teeth and lacking charm.

His sloppy feet kept stepping on mine,
I looked for my beau and he was no where near,
got rid of the creature by offering him a beer.

Apes from the Planet Primatia got into a fight,
flying banana peels flew throughout the air,
hitting dancers on their heads and everywhere.

All the patrons joined in the Polka dance melee,
the band kept playing as if everything was alright,
Running out the door I tripped and fell with might.

Hours later I woke up in my comfortable bed,
apparently, I was having a long and colorful dream,
something about dancing the Polka to the extreme. 

*A very fun, energetic poem and joyous read filled with dancing, fighting, and aliens galore. Loved the sci-fi aspect to the poem and its humour. It paints a charming and bubbly picture of a memorable night out indeed!

3rd Place “Sip by sip” by Kh Ventura

Sip by sip

Bittersweet, succulent treat
I can’t wait to have your taste on my lips
on this joyous retreat
I sit amongst lingering meadows to
feel its exquisite breeze.
I take in everything
Around me with notes of earthy green

An abundance of an ivory crusade escapes
my senses in a well-balanced vouvray. 
I am left seduced by this silky fine pair,
it's a perfect start and a
marvelous Finish to my glass in the air.

*Loved the flow to this one, the 1st stanza builds a scenic picture on the joys of life. I also particularly enjoy the phrasing of the ending.

I’d also recommend checking out the following poems from the contest:

Poetry Competition: $100 Naked Wines Voucher

Pre-writes Allowed

Calling all wine-loving poets out there! I’m setting up a poetry competition with the prize being a $100 Naked Wines Voucher and a showcase on my website. Entry is free to anyone interested.

I’m looking for a poem with the theme: ‘A night out on the town’. Tell a story set in a city (real or imagined) where socialization and locale play a key role in bringing it and the people living there to life.


In terms of style, structure, and subtext, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Submissions done through AllPoetry.


Be sure to follow me below to stay up to date.


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