Short Story Competition 14/05/2022: A Night Out on the Town


2000 Words Max
Submissions open until: 24/05/2022

Pre-writes Allowed

Calling all wine-loving writers out there! I’m setting up a short story competition with the prize being a $100 wine voucher for Naked Wines and a showcase on my website. Entry is free to anyone interested.

I’m looking for a short story with the theme: ‘A night out on the town’. Tell a story set in a city (real or imagined) where socialization and locale play a key role in bringing it and the people living there to life.

In terms of writing style, content, and subtext, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.


  • Max 2000 words
  • One submission per person
  • Pre-written stories are okay as long as they follow the theme

Please ensure anything you submit is in PDF format! I am ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS UNTIL THE 24th of May 2022 or until a certain number of valid submissions are met. The winner will be announced on the website and socials.

Be sure to follow me below to stay up to date.

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