The Suss

Do you know the suss do ye?

This particular phrase has always been a favourite of mine, because if you didn't know the suss, then you wouldn't know the suss, and you wouldn't know the suss unless you knew the suss.

It also doesn't help that the suss gives no indication as to the suss or where the suss comes from, the suss itself doesn't know the suss, and if the suss itself doesn't know the suss, then how could you know the suss?

It's suss all the way down, I've sussed that much out myself so far. I sussed it out the other day when I was doing the susses on the way over, sussing out all the suss in-between yeah.

On the suss are ye? Here, did ye suss that out from the other day yeah? 
Nah, I'm still sussing out your one who susses the suss out on the suss yeah. 
No bother yeah, give us a shout when you know the suss. 
Yeah yeah, no worries, I'll talk to ye when I know the suss.


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