Myths in Minutes: Ra’s Night Journey

Ra’s Night Journey

‘Hail to you, Ra, perfect each day!’ opens one of the hymns to the sun god, the uncreated creator who
‘traverses eternity’, and to whom each day is but a moment.

The sun god took three main forms: Khepri, the scarab beetle, who was the rising sun; Ra, the sun’s disc,
who was the midday sun; and Atum, an old man leaning on a stick, who was the setting sun. Each evening, as
the sun reached the west, the sky goddess Nut swallowed it. Each morning, she gave birth to it once more
in the east. Ra’s nightly journey was not without peril. As he sailed through the netherworld in his night
barque, demons assailed him, led by the monstrous serpent Apophis. In the darkest hour before dawn, Apophis
would make his most desperate attack. Each night, the chaos god Seth would spear the serpent and Ra, in the
form of a cat, would cut off its head. And so chaos was held at bay. The next night, Apophis would be lying
in wait once more. If Apophis were ever to vanquish Ra, the sun would fail to rise.

Myths in Minutes – Neil Philip

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