Myths in Minutes: Ancient Egyptian Creation

Ancient Egyptian Creation

In ancient Egyption mythology, before time began the creator, the lord without limit,
rested in the form of a serpent with its tail in its mouth in the primal ocean Nun (non-being).
He became aware of himself and manifested as Ra, the sun god. Ra created other gods, sneezing out
Shu, the god of dry air, and spitting out Tefnut, the goddess of moist air. With his voice, using
Heka (creative power), Sia (perception), and Hu (pronouncement), Ra called forth the elements of creation.

Heka, Sia, and Hu accompanied Ra in his solar barque as he traversed the sky. He then created Ma’at, the
goddess of truth and harmony, to watch over his creation. Causing the waters to recede, Ra stood on the
Benben stone, the primal mound and model for the pyramids. Ra called forth from Nun all the plants,
animals and birds; as he spoke their names, they came into being. The ancient Egyptians believed the annual
inundation of the Nile was caused by the cosmic serpent coiled inside the cavern of Hapy, god of the flood,
releasing the primal waters of Nun once more.

Myths in Minutes – Neil Philip

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