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Hi, I’m Giuseppe, a sometime infrequent Irish writer and pursuer of creativity betwixt style, structure, and sentence. In addition to writing I also organise competitions for fellow authors of all styles, old and new.

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Competition FAQs

How do I submit an entry to a competition?
On each competition's page you'll find submission details.

When do competitions end, how am I notified of results?
Competitions end upon the final date for submissions or when a certain number of valid submissions are met - this will be notified on the website and socials. I aim to get the results out within a week, these will be published on-site/socials and winners will be notified via email.

What is the winner showcase?
In addition to prizes, winners of competitions will have their work showcased on top of the Competitions page and on our socials (with links to your own if submitted). They'll also have an endorsement from me and a quick review of what I liked about the entry.

If you have any further questions please contact: giuguiseppecontact@gmail.com