Sagrada Familia

Went to visit the Sagrada Familia. Looked better on card. Giuseppe Gillespie - October 2021 Cover Pic - Sagrada Familia *Inspired by my trip to Barcelona where I saw the Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) cathedral. It has been under construction for over a hundred years and was hyped up as a "must see" landmark in … Continue reading Sagrada Familia

Steep Pillars of Earth

Steep pillars of Earth mar the cracked artery. A front-line for giants. Giuseppe Gillespie - October 2021 *Inspired by the Giant's Causeway located in Northern Ireland. Like what you see? Consider Tipping/Donating: Donations Make a one-time donationYour contribution has made this writer's day!DonateMake a monthly donationMy Saviour!Donate monthly Buy Me A Coffee (similar to Patreon) … Continue reading Steep Pillars of Earth