Wicked Witches’ Brew

Bubbling cauldron stew, 
‘neath twig and bramble flue. The 
Wicked witches’ brew.

Giuseppe Gillespie – November 2021

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Bullying Bison

Buffalo bison. 
Bullied Buffalo bison 
Bullying bison.

Giuseppe Gillespie – November 2021

*Buffalo eight times in a row (Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo) is the longest grammatically correct sentence in the English language. It is a form of Antanaclasis which means repeating the same word but in different senses.

Buffalo is a city in New York, a type of animal (otherwise known as bison), and American slang for bully. So repeated eight times in a row it would mean:

Buffalo [the city] bison [whom] Buffalo bison bully, bully Buffalo bison.

I learned this tidbit from Mark Forsyth’s book, The Etymologicon, a peculiar read filled with all sorts of word origin history and ‘useful’ information. I’d highly recommend it to any inquisitive wordsmiths out there.

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