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The Oul’ Fellas

The Oul' Fellas

A short story by Giuseppe Gillespie

Two oul’ fellas[1] well up into their seventies meet up in the park every week as part of a routine, I could usually find them on a Thursday or Friday around lunch time. They always meet at the same spot – the same bench that overlooks most of the walkways throughout the park. I know the spot well, it’s a grand spot, especially in the summer when the park gets a lot of footfall. From this spot you can see all the joggers, dog-walkers, truants, and those that like to go a’ sauntering and whatnot throughout the park. I had always seen these gentlemen here on my lunchtime strolls, pensioners no doubt, and they had always seemed to be in good humour when I passed by, often cackling away to each other over one thing or another.

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