They Aren’t Forgiven

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They Aren’t Forgiven

Harsh words send a bitter arrow through the air cold,
landing among your pent-up fury stoking the flames.
If only you could understand,
If only I could listen.
This back and forth wasting away our best years together.

Our voices vying to be the loudest in an empty home,
fighting for a love long lost to pride and selfishness.
Would I be happy with someone else?
Would they fill the void you leave?
I will arise and go now to drown out these sorrows from my mind.

Returning to your hearth when the sun dawns upon
drowned misery that I’ve known throughout the night.
If only you hadn’t of pushed,
If only I had of embraced you.
Too late to mend mistakes we’ll have to do with feigned bliss.

That warm suspicious gaze you give when next I see you,
The toil and trouble from before stifling the air.
Will I ever convince you of the opposite?
Will you ever get through to me?
We have nothing in common except for our desperation.

Giuseppe Gillespie – October 2021

*** Note ***

A poem about strangers. The title is based on a quote from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey

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